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A monthly podcast with creative tech people.

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    Andrea Saez — Pt 01 - “The People Connector” (01x09)

    For the first part of the Season Finale, I’m talking with my friend Andrea Saez, from at ProdPad, about: - Andrea’s international background, - Working remotely and Coping with loneliness, - Fancy sweatpants and much more!

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    Cat Noone — Pt 02 (01x08)

    Part 02 of my interview with the one and only Cat Noone. In this second part, we talk about inspiration, successes, failures, and the very special person Cat would like to have a drink with!

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    Manik Rathee — Pt 02 - (01x07)

    In this second part, Manik & I discuss mentors, technology, learning the trade as a designer, and talk about civic rights.

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    A quick update

    A quick update about the Digital Digest podcast! See you next month!

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